Spring 2017 – The Grand Duke
April 21 – 29, 2017
Stage Director: Kate Nealley
Music Director: Alan Paller
Auditions were held on Thurs. Sept. 22 and Fri. Sept. 23, 2016, and most roles were cast at that time.  We’re still welcoming new Chorus members, and some minor roles will be filled from the Chorus.

Rehearsals will be Sundays from 2 – 4:30pm and Tuesdays from 7:30 – 10pm, starting in January 2017, with extra rehearsals during the week leading up to the show.

We expect to use the Mark Shepherd version of the vocal score (with significant edits to keep the length of the show reasonable), which is available in hardcopy from, or as a free download from the same location.

Here are some resources to help you plan for auditions:

Grand Duke Audition Selections Listing
Voice Ranges for Grand Duke Roles
Music & Dialog Summary
Descriptions of Roles – LATER
Auditioners Form – LATER

Links to Shepherd Vocal Score:
Grand Duke Musical Nos. 1 – 5
Grand Duke Musical Nos. 6 – 10
Grand Duke Musical Nos. 11 – 12
Grand Duke Musical Nos. 13 – 19
Grand Duke Musical Nos. 20 – 25
Grand Duke Musical Nos. 26 – 29

Links to .mp3 Recordings (right-click on the link, then select “save link as” (or something similar) from the drop-down menu):
Musical No. 1
Musical No. 2
Musical No. 2
Musical No. 2
Musical No. 5
Musical No. 6
Musical No. 7
Musical No. 8
Musical No. 9
Musical No. 10
Musical No. 11
Musical No. 12
Musical No. 12A
Musical No. 12B
Musical No. 12C
Musical No. 12D
Musical No. 13
Musical No. 14
Musical No. 15
Musical No. 16
Musical No. 17
Musical No. 18
Musical No. 19
Musical No. 20
Musical No. 21
Musical No. 22
Musical No. 27
Musical No. 28
Musical No. 29

If you have general questions about joining the Chorus or Orchestra, or about the audition materials posted here, please contact John Trexler at (484) 319-2350, or send an E-mail.


Ardensingers Chorus and Orchestra

Typically, the Ardensingers perform two shows per year, one in the Fall (recently, over the two weekends before Thanksgiving), and one in the Spring (two weekends in late April / early May). The Spring show is one of the standard works of Gilbert & Sullivan, and casting is by formal audition (September / October). There’s no set format for the Fall show, although it’s sometimes been G&S-related.  Our last couple of Fall shows have been pantos, and casting has been by formal audition. The Fall shows often have more roles, so there may be solo / ensemble performing opportunities for capable actors and singers who don’t get cast in the Spring show. The Ardensingers are actively seeking musically- and theatrically-inclined men and women, including students 16 and older, as leads and for the Chorus. Younger students may be considered, particularly if a parent is also involved in the production. Prospective Ardensingers Chorus members will be asked to audition by performing a short piece of his or her choosing. At the present time, we’re accepting most singers who have prior choral experience. Rehearsals are on Sunday afternoons from 2 – 4:30PM and on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 – 10PM. Good attendance is a prerequisite for continued participation. We take a break for refreshments about half-way through rehearsal. For insurance purposes, all stage performers are required to become members of the Arden Club (annual cost of $20, less for seniors and students). The Ardensingers is one of a number of “gilds” that belong to the Arden Club, which is responsible for maintenance and operation of the Gild Hall, our performing venue.  The Ardensingers also take part in other activities during the year:

  • The Arden Fair is held every year on the Saturday before Labor Day. It’s the Club’s biggest fund raiser. The Ardensingers sponsor the Beer / Wine booth at the Fair, and we encourage all able-bodied members to help out at the booth, or in some other capacity at the Fair.
  • The Ardensingers sponsor at least one of the Dinner Gild community dinners (Saturdays, from October to May). This involves planning a meal and cooking for 100+ diners.
  • The Arden Community Recreation Association (ACRA) sometimes asks for our help at their annual holiday party (2nd Sunday in December). We lead the singing of holiday songs prior to the arrival of Santa Claus.
  • We’ve also helped the ACRA Summer Day Camp.  In June 2013, we helped 35 day camp kids stage “With Cat-Like Tread” from Pirates of Penzance.
  • We’ve occasionally sung the Star-Spangled Banner at Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball games.

Vocal scores can be purchased at cost from the Ardensingers. For the standard G&S shows, we’ll typically use the Schirmer edition. Contact John Trexler, as directed below, to reserve a copy.

For those who find they need extra help in learning the music, you may want to consider purchasing a recording (brick-and-mortar store,, etc.) or downloading midi files. is another source for free recordings. You can also purchase rehearsal midi files. These are recordings of your voice part only. Some of our performers have found them very helpful, and worth the price. Here’s one source of rehearsal midi’s: Musical

There may occasionally be openings for the Ardensingers Orchestra, which takes part in the Spring show, and occasionally the Fall show. Rehearsals are on alternate Saturday mornings from 9 – 11:30AM.

For additional information about joining the Chorus or Orchestra, or to be added to our auditions mailing list, please contact John Trexler at (484) 319-2350, or send an E-mail.