2015 Panto of the Opera

Our Fall 2015 Show 
The Panto of the Opera,
by Stuart Ardern
November 14, 15, 20 & 21, 2015
Stage Director: Ken Mammarella
Music Director: Helene Furlong

A promising young singer
Ariel Root
A patron of the opera
Bryan Henry
Madame Zola
New owner of the Paris Opera House
Amy Quinn
Beatrix Bakewell
Aspiring opera singer
Petra DeLuca
Frank Lee
A mustachioed rotter &
corrupter of morals
Steve Zimmerman
Pure & Simple
Frank’s henchpersons
Leslie Stanford
Emily Thayer
Carlotta Vermicelli
Operatic diva
Nicole Servais
E. A. Pushpimple
Health and Safety Inspector
Rob Hull
An Aspiring Playwright
Sean McGuire
The Mysterious Phantom

Chorus of Opera House personnel:
Dave DeGarmo, Chris Galvin, Lynda Gillow, Leslie Leach, Pete Norris, Amber Pulcher, Dawlat Refaie, John Trexler, Justine Wagaman, Carina Waldeck, Lisette Walker, Pat Zevnik, and Veroncee Zevnik